As the Adelaide Fringe frenzy came to a close, join ZTV as they get the most out of the last day at 'The Depot' and enjoy all the tastes and treats from 'Fork on the Road' and 'Damn the Man' markets. Catch up with the winner of Ten's 'MasterChef All Stars' Callum Hann, Simon Bryant from ABC's 'Cook and the Chef', The creator of 'The Depot', 'Fork on the Road, 'Damn the Man' 'Burger Theory' and a whole swag of other's!
We love when the North Adelaide Vintage and Fashion Fair rolls around, especially because it gives us an excuse to wander through those lovely backstreets pretending we are rich and famous.

The last fair was held on Sunday 12th February and Estonia House was once again transformed into a parade of vintage and retro collectables.

We came across some great stalls and were lucky enough to chat to Sophia of the Curious Cabinet (who we’ll be doing a special feature on soon) and she shared with us some of her greatest treasures.

The next fair will be held on Sunday 26th February and then on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month between 10am - 4pm.