We've harped on about the Cafe Series more than once on this very website, but we bang on about it for a reason: it's fecking awesome. And the fun isn't stopping when the rain finally goes away; the lovely Miss Alice who puts on the whole Cafe Series shebang has lined-up another show-stopping round of acts to grace the stage of the one and only Grace Emily. 

To usher in Spring, the Jam Room, along with the delightful LittlestVINTAGE, as well as us humble fangirls and boys here at Dear Eleanor, are going to be bringing some rad nu-folk tunes to the lovely local stage, just to delight all of your little ears. 

Stretching its whimsical and magical reach across state borders, Some Folk in Spring, will be bringing some of the country's best nu-folk artists to wow us all with their sweet, sweet tunes over a three-part series of musical wonder. It all kicks off on Sunday 8 September and set to win your heart with their rad tunes are the likes of CastlecomerAshleigh Mannix and Myles Mayo

To be in with the chance to win a double pass to the first ever show (8 Sept) email us at editor@deareleanorzine.com with your contact details before Friday 6th September. You'll be contact by us to let us know if you're the lucky lass/lad and will also be acknowledged with epic amounts of love over on facebook :) 

Check out the event here or nab yourself some tickets here.

And last of all - stay tuned on our Facebook page for a sweet little giveaway we've got lined up for one lucky reader. 
Whilst beauty may not be something we often feature on Dear Eleanor, we can’t resist a good bit of sparkle, especially if found in gorgeous local products! Lovely Adelaide lass Holly Denton grew frustrated with the limited range of quality glitter polish she could find to purchase. She decided to start making her own, and her business “Hollish” was born (we are suckers for a good pun!).

All Hollish products are “5-free”, meaning they’re free from all sorts of nasties including formaldehyde, DBP and camphor – yay! Lovingly created by Holly in her own home, her motto is to provide a range that is beautiful, handmade and safe. Eight months of research, experimentation and testing (on party animals not bunnies!) has lead to her debut range which can be seen in her Etsy store and on her Facebook page.

Holly has two new ranges which will be available before September. Keep an eye out for them if you’re after a bit of locally-made shimmer in your life!

Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/au/shop/HollishNails

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HollishNails

(Holly is our lovely model, and wears Hollish “Copper Rose” over a red base).
We have a confession to make, dear readers. We think we may have fallen in love.

It's still early stages and we're taking it slow; we only see each other once a fortnight, but they're a perfect match for us. They share our love of sweet tunes, the local music scene and live music. So, who is this elusive, yet perfect companion? It just so happens to be the one and only Cafe Series. We've been to every single event this year (die hard fans, we know) and have already snaffled up tickets to the second incarnation of the phenomenally successful 'A Band on a Boat' gig that's on later this year. 

There's the old adage that once you've been to something once, it's all the same. Well, please kindly throw that suggestion to the ground, stamp on it a few times and make sure you leave that notion for dead when walking through the doors of whichever inevitably cool and tiny cafe chosen to host Cafe Series for that given fortnight, because it's the kind of gathering that feels like it can't get better, in any way but it does, in every way, every time.

For a while now we've been seeing Port Adelaide flourish with creativity. Andy why not. It's a historic and a beautifully mysterious part of our city. Last year we came across a guerilla knitting event like no other when the street along xxxx became filled with colourful splashes of yarn that enlightened the surrounding stores and visitors.

My Modern Nest popped up in the Port to bring us some spectacular vintage furniture and homewares along with Red Lime Shack - an organic cafe that is passionate about providing the best. Then there's Remake/Remodel. A store that gives a second life to household and workplace items. 

Where is all this leading you ask? It was recently announced that the State Government has decided to refresh the Port even further and at the same time give artists/collectives/organisations/entrepreneurs a chance to get their name out there with a number of artistic grants of up to $10,000 to fund creative visions between 1 January 2014 and 30 June 2014. 

In addition, Renew Adelaide has added to the mix with three creative spaces up for grabs located in St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide. You'll be provided with rent-free access to the location to house and grow your own community based initiative. Get in quick thought because expressions of interest close on 17 June 2013. 
Read the Unexpected Port press release here
Find out more about Renew Adelaide in Port Adelaide here

For those unfamiliar with the Cafe Series, it's an experience a bit like stepping into an alternate musical universe. One where you're surrounded by perhaps no more than 30 or 40 strangers, crammed together in relatively small, but beautiful cafes; with the smells of delicious food filling the air, and with a few talented folk standing up in front of everyone to bare their soul and their instrumental abilities. We think it's a bit like being nestled in the warm bosom of a cosy room while simultaneously being wrapped up in a blanket of the sweetest tunes. 

Sugar Smack - a local production company - have put together a sweet video for vintage fashion haven, Push Pin Boutique

With the beautiful backing track (suitably nostalgic, with beautiful swing vibes), the video captures the essence of the store. There's tea cups, immaculate outfits (we're lusting after the dresses in the video. Divine.) and pretty abstract shots, the short film leaves you wanting to prance through the markets decked out and resplendent in all your vintage glory. 

Check out the video here: 
Even with Fringe bidding adieu for another year (just quietly, we're still exhausted but so inspired after the stellar four-week run of amazing shows), there are so many incredible events taking hold of Adelaide. One such event is 'The Tunnels', described as a "visual art and performance experience".

The Tunnels will feature two weeks of, "visual art, installations, moving images, body painting, musical performances, sculpture, jewellery, etc." A collaboration between local production collective, ArtSake Productions and Fascination Street, a self-described "urban place-making" collective of designers, artists and architecture grads, The Tunnels is set to be a one-of-a-kind experience.

Local muso, Kaurna Cronin (clip above - put together by the ridiculously talented Nick Lawrence), will be playing the opening night, with each week of the event having a different theme. Week one will focus on Oxygen/Humility and, rather aptly we think, week two will be Beneath/Roots. 

On each of the Friday nights of the two-week run, between 6-9pm, The Tunnels will be open for everyone to explore the different rooms. They'll be open during the day as a gallery with all of the visual art wonderment on display. 

Running the event on a "shoestring budget", the group need the kind help of the general public to make the event as spectacular as possible. They've already raised some of what they need, but if you want to help out

Stay tuned for Issue Five of Dear Eleanor (out next month!) where we'll have a bit of an interview with the lovely folks behind The Tunnels.

Where: The Tunnels, underneath the Medina Grand hotel, Victoria Square, Adelaide (enter via the entrance at the Treasury courtyard)
When: 19 April to 2 May 2013
Who: emerging South Australian artists under the age of 30
More info here: http://thetunnels.wordpress.com/ 
As the Adelaide Fringe frenzy came to a close, join ZTV as they get the most out of the last day at 'The Depot' and enjoy all the tastes and treats from 'Fork on the Road' and 'Damn the Man' markets. Catch up with the winner of Ten's 'MasterChef All Stars' Callum Hann, Simon Bryant from ABC's 'Cook and the Chef', The creator of 'The Depot', 'Fork on the Road, 'Damn the Man' 'Burger Theory' and a whole swag of other's!
WOMADelaide is well and truly known for its international acts, a lot from remote corners of the globe. But amongst the influx of international talent are some local acts representing Adelaide on the local, world music stage. South Australia's very own Heather Frahn will be making us proud, bringing her eclectic mix of musical styles to the four-day event, along her with her seven-piece band The Moonlight Tide.

Dear Eleanor chatted to the singer-songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist about musical idols, beat boxing and the importance of creating music with a moral voice.

Heather Frahn and The Moonlight Tide will be performing on the Moreton Bay Stage on Saturday 9 March from 1-2pm.

To jump or not to jump. That is the question facing Grace in local playwright Chloe Eckert's Fringe offering 'Sage'. 

After bagging the State Theatre Company's Young Playwright Award last year at just 19, Chloe's show is an abstract exploration of what it means to be normal through a conversation between protagonists Grace and Charlie. The show is a melting pot of emotions, with drama and black comedy melded together in what Chloe describes as "Waiting for Godot meets Fight Club".

We chatted to the talented lady (also a playwright for the Senior Ensemble of the Urban Myth Theatre Company) about the play, overactive imaginations and breathing life into the stories in your head.